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Sunday, April 6, 2014

*AUDIO* Crew54 - N-E-Wan-Tess produced by DJ Modesty

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Share "Recognize" and win free Tickets!

Out latest video has finally hit the web and we appreciate the love and support we're already receiving.  To show our appreciation we want to give you the chance to come party with us at one of our next to live performances.  The contest is simple, first you must like our fan page at  Next simply hit the "SHARE" button on the "Recognize" link at the top of the feed to show it off to your friends and family.  It's that easy.

The first event is Jan 23rd, where we join The Good Life and a batch of talented artist to bring you some quality underground hip-hop.  Check out the Facebook event page HERE.  It's going to be a dope line up and want you right there to check out some of the best talent Central Texas has to offer.

Then we got invited by the good folks at Proper Entertainment invited us to perform at The Coldest Zone Tour featuring reggae artist J. Boog and Los Rakas.  We'll be joined by our good friend DJ Charlie as we bring the Wyld Gentlemen to them live and direct.

Remember all you have to do to win is simply "LIKE" our fan page at and "SHARE" the link at the top of the feed with the video.  The lovely C-Hova will pick the names randomly and we'll contact you for more information.

Crew54 - Recognize Official Video

Nothing else to say, RECOGNIZE.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Crew54 Interview with 91.7FM Hip Hop Hooray

Crew54 with Miss Manners
Happy New Year's folks, we're here reinvigorate this lil ol blog this year with new music, new videos, and more overall content.  The 54 Reality Show has been our home for too long to just abandon it and leave the cupboards bare, naw we can't go out like that.

To jump things off, we're going to share the interview from our recent visit to KOOP 91.7FM in Austin to speak with Miss Manners and the Hip-Hop Hooray show.  She's on the air showing love to underground hip-hop, and gave us a chance to come in and get acquainted with her listening audience.  We had a great time talking to her about the change in our sound, the Austin rap scene, and we even had a spirited AGREEMENT about the dreaded "pay for play" topic.

Take a listen, you also get to hear a few of our songs as well.  I hope we get to go back after the the album has dropped and share with her the type of response we've been getting.  If you're in Austin make sure to tune in to 91.7 from 2-3:30pm every Sunday to get the full experience.

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