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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

54 Reality Show SXSW Special Part 1

THIS IS IT, the massive blowout off the hook SXSW 54 Reality Show special. It's jam packed from beginning to end full with Celebrity shout outs, live performances, and all the craziness involved with SXSW. For real shout out to the homie Matt Sonzala for putting ya boys down.

First up we pick up the hard copies of our newest release CREW DEEP (see more below), then head to check out Yarah Bravo putting it down at a Pre-SXSW performance. On Tuesday we rocked a show with Feddi Man, The G.U.U.D., and Dubb Sicks at Tap Room. Big up's to the Superstar DJ's, DJ Protege, Matt Nice, and Dj Clark Field for putting it down.

Then Crew54 actually splits up, G-Christ heads to catch Blu & Exile rocking, while I slid down to Fuze to check out local favorites T-Solo and Dred Skott. We met back up at Mohawk to catch SXSW Soul featuring Kendra Ross, Wayna, Maya Azucena, Neckbone, Bavu Blakes, and Mojoe.

Oh yeah...this is only PART 1. Next weeks follow up will feature performances from John Forte, Reflection Eternal, and Jadakiss. We'll have interviews with Freeway, Keelay & Zaire, Tanya Morgan and many many more.

54 Reality Show SXSW Special Part. 1 from The 54 Reality Show on Vimeo.

PLUS, all the music used in this episode is fresh and direct off of our newest release Crew Deep. It features Donny Goines, Pugs Atomz, Bavu Blakes, with production by Keelay & Zaire, and Dichter2Productions.


Be sure to tune in next week for the second part of this SXSW 54 Reality Show Special.

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