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Monday, March 30, 2009

54 Reality Show SXSW Special Part 2

I want to thank everyone that caught the first part of this SXSW special.  Plus I need to give a quick shout to ALL THE BLOGS, that have held us down, thank you fam, real twit

First on Thursday we chilled at the BRMG Meet & Greet, and lets just say the industry was in the building.  We talked to Freeway & Jake One, Keelay & Zaire, Myx Music Label, Tanya Morgan, Kosha Dillz, Fresh Daily, Shwayze, and more.  Then we headed out on 6th street and ran into Hip-Hop Journalist Dayey D and a couple of our favorite locals.  The day wasn't over becuase we spent the night at the Blacksmith showcase watching John Forte, Blu & Exile, Reflection Eternal and much much more.

Friday was G-Christ's Birthday (make sure to leave him a lil belated B-day love) and an overall beautiful day.  So we took a piece of our live performance with Bavu Blakes and showcased the variety of live moments we caught that day.  Ending with a bit of love from the legendary rhyme inspector Percee P himself.  

Saturday we ran into Homeboy Sandman and chopped it up for a brief second, before heading over to the Fader Fort and catching Bun-B, Styles P, and Jadakiss killing it.  SXSW was crazy, and I know everyone is getting tired of it, this is it for our footage, and we appreciate everyone hanging out with the 54 Reality Show.

54 Reality Show 3-30 SXSW Special Part 2 from The 54 Reality Show on Vimeo.

Oh yeah, got CREW DEEP yet? It's free, just click here and download!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

54 Reality Show SXSW Special Part 1

THIS IS IT, the massive blowout off the hook SXSW 54 Reality Show special. It's jam packed from beginning to end full with Celebrity shout outs, live performances, and all the craziness involved with SXSW. For real shout out to the homie Matt Sonzala for putting ya boys down.

First up we pick up the hard copies of our newest release CREW DEEP (see more below), then head to check out Yarah Bravo putting it down at a Pre-SXSW performance. On Tuesday we rocked a show with Feddi Man, The G.U.U.D., and Dubb Sicks at Tap Room. Big up's to the Superstar DJ's, DJ Protege, Matt Nice, and Dj Clark Field for putting it down.

Then Crew54 actually splits up, G-Christ heads to catch Blu & Exile rocking, while I slid down to Fuze to check out local favorites T-Solo and Dred Skott. We met back up at Mohawk to catch SXSW Soul featuring Kendra Ross, Wayna, Maya Azucena, Neckbone, Bavu Blakes, and Mojoe.

Oh yeah...this is only PART 1. Next weeks follow up will feature performances from John Forte, Reflection Eternal, and Jadakiss. We'll have interviews with Freeway, Keelay & Zaire, Tanya Morgan and many many more.

54 Reality Show SXSW Special Part. 1 from The 54 Reality Show on Vimeo.

PLUS, all the music used in this episode is fresh and direct off of our newest release Crew Deep. It features Donny Goines, Pugs Atomz, Bavu Blakes, with production by Keelay & Zaire, and Dichter2Productions.


Be sure to tune in next week for the second part of this SXSW 54 Reality Show Special.

Monday, March 16, 2009

54 Reality Show 3-16

Man holdd up, SXSW is upon us. Actually today we're going to a few early shows and parties, but let's take yall back before we go forward. Last week the homies Keelay & Zaire released their debut album Ridin High, and we went to Best Buy looking for it. Oh yeah, we got some classic G-Christ gas stations raps.

Then we checked out the Album Release for Da. C.O.D. It was pretty crunk in there and Free Greezo was the theme. Check out performances from Madd-P, Lil Sicc & Gutta, Die Slow Ent, and Da. C.O.D. themselves putting it down. Shout outs to DJ Knowledge, and the homie Lowkey of Southbound for hollering at ya boys. If you're gonna be at SXSW you can check Da. C.O.D. live for real.

Speaking of SXSW, our newest album CREW DEEP will be dropping this wednesday, March. 18, on the first day of the official SXSW music conference with the homie Zillz. Till then (shoot, its only 2 days away fam) you can peep the newest single Good Day Prod. by Keelay and Zaire featuring Bavu Blakes & Beaute.

Crew54 - Good Day prod. by Keelay and Zaire ft. Bavu Blakes & Beaute (Zshare)

54 Reality Show 3-16 from The 54 Reality Show on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

54 Reality Show 3-09

Right now my internet is tripping so, I'm going to make this real quick. This week was serious, shout out to Dubb Sicks, Josh Sheppard, Biology, Table Manners Crew and everyone else that put it down in this weeks episode of the 54 Reality Show.

Oh yeah Odessa is that spot for real!!!

54 Reality Show 3-09 from The 54 Reality Show on Vimeo.

Check out our SXSW Commerical Right Here!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

54 Reality Show 3-02

Man, the 54 Reality Show is heating up right before SXSW '09, whoa its going down.  Sometimes you have to have a calm before the storm, and thats exactly what we got into this week.  

First we chilled out with some good food and good friends, like we usually do.  It wen't down, and for real yall are always welcome to come parlay with ya folk.

Then we headed down to Austin for one massive event, thrown by the fam Proper Entertainment.  It was the 4 Elements Hip-Hop Showcase, MC's, B-Boy's, DJ's, and Graffiti Writers all in represented in the ATX on Saturday.  There were too many MC's to link here, but you can best beleive all styles of rap were showcased.  Special shout to Romeo Navarro and B-Boy City for bringing out some of the cities best talent.  We put all the action into a pretty slick montage backed by a hype track by the homie Bavu & Hydroponic Sound System.  BREAK!

Speaking of Bavu, we got an exclusive video clip of "My Sacrifice" off his The Woodgrain Collection CD.   Stick around, check it out, and make sure you let us know whats good.

54 Reality Show 3-02 from The 54 Reality Show on Vimeo

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