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Thursday, February 25, 2010

54 Reality Show 2-23

(this weeks episode brought to you by the Texas Snowstorm of 2010!!!)

Whats up folks?  Before TMZ or MediaTakeout gets the story wrong, we would like to report that G-Christ, or as he's known in the streets as "HD G," had an accident and the White Explorer we've been rolling in forever is no long with us.  It's all good though cuz G is safe and healthy and we're gonna keep on the blog.

This week we went to check out the D-Madness Project at the Parish, and boy were they in full effect.  Two drummers, two bass guitars, guitar, keyboard, Sax, DJ Rapid Ric on the tables, and host of rappers put it down on a cold night.  Then we headed to the 5th Gallery to participate in the One Take Live Mixtape, it was crazy.  Since we don't want to step on the shoes of lovely folks who video taped it, we only showed yall a couple of crazy snippets.  Shoutouts to Marc of Mofoz Visuals, DJ Jazz 1, Dubb Sicks, Foogs Gatsby, and Jaysin of the Word Association.

Oh yeah after that the Vainglorious C-Hova showed off her "Hit Em With Da Flex" skills for G-Christ.  Can't miss that...

Finally we finished with debut of the Texas Battle Leauge, 2 battles featuring Dubb Sicks, Lawjick, Outspoken, and Foogs Gatsby.  This was a nice jump off, hopefully it will keep getting bigger and better and some of them cats who just "talk" about how good they are will put their skills up.  Can't show yall too much footage from that, but I did get you an exclusive freestyle from Phranchyze to end it off.  Check it out.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Live Mixtape ft. Crew54 & More 2-19-10

This Friday the homies at Mofoz Visuals and the Fifth Gallery will be doing Volume 2 of their One Take Live Mixtape series.  DJ Jazz One will be spinning the beats, while Dubb Sicks, Lowkey of Southbound/LEOG'z, Japanese Jesus and ya boys Crew54 will be laying down the flows. It's going down at 9pm, and for those who can't make it out live can catch the webcast.

If you can't do either one of those things, with yo lazy azz', then come back here next week to catch it on the 54 Reality Show, or even better catch the video footage put together by OffShoot Media.  In fact they just realised the footage from the first episode featuring Tee Double, Phranchyze, Zeale, and Orion.  Watch it below.

Live Mixtape at Fifth Gallery - Part 1 from mofoz visualz on Vimeo.

54 Reality Show 2-16

(yeah, I LOVE this camera haha)

It's the 54 Reality Show back up in ya face again, how you doing, how ya momma & 'nem doing?  This week DC representer Wale was in town brought to you live and direct by Scoremore and Keep It Local.  First, though, we had to holla at G-Christ and his new moniker "HD G."  Thats right, the first fully HD version of the 54 Reality Show is here.  Oh yeah those fly shirts we're rocking are courtesy of the homies over at  Go check them out, and that "Money Isn't Real" mixtape with two tracks from ya boys.

Then we headed to the show and caught opening acts from a host of live local talent, who persevered through some technical difficulties and held the crowd down till Wale came and took his fans to another level.  Shouts out to Table Manners Crew and DJ Omega for dropping some classic hip-hop cuts and keeping the fanatics crunk the whole evening.  Check it all out here:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Free Music Fridays 02-12-10

(sorry, I just love this new Camera)

Its Free Music Friday's again, this will be a quickie, and I promise you'll thank me later.  First I want to showcase a video.  Hey, it's free so it counts sucka.  DJ Spinna released a project called Sonic Smash that featured a bunch of artist.  This particular song is destroyed by P.Casso and two 54 Reality Show alumni Fresh Daily & Homeboy Sandman.  If I'm not mistake I got footage of all three of them rocking together at SXSW 09.  I was actually surprised upon hearing this because I'm more familiar with DJ Spinna's laid back soulful vibe, this is a neck breaking banger right here.

Next up we got a new project from the homies Cali Zack & N/A Productions.  You've seen them here on the blog and if you've ever wanted to check their music here is the perfect opportunity.  Looks like they'll be doing it up officially at SXSW, so take heed of all this free music folks. 

I've been following K-Hill for years now, since when Little Brother blew up and everyone was scouring the Carolinas for new hip-hop talent I always kept my eye on K-Hill, HIGHLY UNDERRATED on the mic in my book.  Here is a dope video, beat produced by the homie Nick Tha1da, its a banger no doubt.  (Shout out to the homie Zillz for putting me on to this)

And to add to the list, check out this new mixtape from hard working up and coming dude, Vandalyzm.  This mixtape has been everywhere so if you still haven't checked it out you're lame, but we're gonna give you another chance to get up on it.

Do yourself a favor, check it out, add it to your iPod, burn it and bump it in your ride, and when you do come back to to let us know what you thought of it.  

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wale and Krs-One LIVE This Weekend!

The homies from Scoremore, you know the cats that have brought a bunch of dope acts through to ATX lately, mixed with the Keep It Local Fam are bringing one of Hip-Hop's freshman live and direct to Austin.  Wale has been doing his thing and he's gonna be at Republic Live Friday 2-12 with a gaggle of ATX's local representation.  Crew54 will be live and direct rocking early so make sure you don't be fashionably late and miss all the action.  Click here for Tickets and Info(its best to buy them online!!!)

From the new school back to the old school, the good folks of Rozone Productions are bringing Krs-1 live to the Scoot Inn, the following Saturday.  He was in ATX around this time of the year last year and he kept it hot on a cold night.  Rozone usually has a pretty dope light show so I'm interested to see how this goes down.  

We'll be in both spots with the new HD camera so if you see us, make sure you holla at us!!!  

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Unboxing the Canon Vixia HG20

This is Dookie Vizion of Crew54/Dookie Vizion Productions and I'm unboxing our new Canon Vixia HG20. We needed a way to upgrade our quality without breaking the bank and this HG20 is a PERFECT FIT. I still haven't played with it much but I will in the upcoming days.

The background music is provided by EP Beats of The Dopplegangaz, you can check them out at

Friday, February 5, 2010

"SoulBounce" Sneak Preview

Crew54 is about to drop a new project, Channel 54: The Reality Show Tape and here is a special SNEAK PEAK of a track called SoulBounce.

Check it out, leave a comment and let us know exactly what you think

Free Music Fridays 02/05/10

If you've paid any attention to the 54 Reality Show in the past few months you've heard about The League of Extraordinary G'z.  The combination of three Austin groups: Southbound, Dred Skott, and Da COD, are all powers on their own, but joined together they are a force to be reckoned with.  

Now you can download their free mixtape Concealed Weapons, mixed by the Dynamic Duo Wes Sanders & DJ Knowledge.   I picked up a copy of this in person and its a damn good listen, and will mos def get you prepped for their soon coming album drop.  Click the artwork above or CLICK HERE to download it for yourself.

Also the homie @EgyptoKnuckles from the Background Noise Crew put me onto some free projects they are offering up along side the release of their latest project Analyrical - First Date where says "First Date" is a promising debut. Analyrical shows off some skills on the mic.  Here you can check out two projects to get your fix of some dope midwest HipHop.  

Check it out and let me know what you think....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back Up Off These Artist

The homie Bavu Blakes drops some knowledge about why following your favorite rapper on popular social networks may lead you to like them less, except from Crew54 catch us here @moscrew54 & @gchristcrew54.

Do you know what your favorite new artist had for breakfast this morning? Well, maybe you could. But why do you care?

The social networking age offers instant access and a new sub-culture, which assures me that you probably know what terms like FB and RT mean. For music lovers like us, this means you can “befriend” and closely follow your favorite artists.

Lesser-known artists can present themselves as public figures and use social networking tools to endear their followers and potential supporters. They can even change the way people view them. I have a friend who hated pro wide receiver Chad Ochocinco until he started following him on Twitter.

The upside of this is that if mainstream isn’t giving you what you want because you’ve had enough Coke or McDonald’s, then you can find obscure independent artists who cater to your personal taste. Once you find them, you can plug into their thoughts, experiences and music through numerous social networks.

If an artist keeps it professional, you can get insight and timely updates. Or if the artist gets all personal on you, you can better understand the conditions that created that song you play every day.

But I’m here to tell ya… there’s something else – the aftertaste. (VISIT BAVUBLOGS.COM TO READ THE REST)

54 Reality Show 2-02

The 54 Reality Show is back to give you what you been missing, the hottest coverage of the Austin hip-hop scene covering the widest spectrum.  This week we got a doozy for ya.

Starting off, the fine folks at Transmission Entertainment brought down underground rap dynamo Aesop Rock, with Rob Sonic and DJ Big Wiz,  to whip his fanatics into a frothy fury.  Joined by local openers The Glitterbillies (who rapped in cowboy hats and overalls while having a guy in a business suit do the robot on stage,) The Starving Martys (who I swore jumped into the crowd and got his ass whooped while still rapping,) and our fam DJ Notion.  

The very next day we hit up Aces Lounge for the final stop on the J. Cole mini Texas Tour.  The homie Sascha with Scoremore is doing big things up there, and this was no exception.  J. Cole brought the fire for his fans, after a host of openers warmed it up.

Then a few days later all of the opening acts from the J. Cole show and a few more local favorites hit the stage at Aces again for the Hip Hoptronic Haiti Relief Benefit.  It was a night full of music and people contributing to a good cause and from what I hear, some good money was raised.  You can check it all out here on the 54 Reality Show!!!

Also check bonus footage of J. Cole performing "Losing My Balance."

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