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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Share "Recognize" and win free Tickets!

Out latest video has finally hit the web and we appreciate the love and support we're already receiving.  To show our appreciation we want to give you the chance to come party with us at one of our next to live performances.  The contest is simple, first you must like our fan page at  Next simply hit the "SHARE" button on the "Recognize" link at the top of the feed to show it off to your friends and family.  It's that easy.

The first event is Jan 23rd, where we join The Good Life and a batch of talented artist to bring you some quality underground hip-hop.  Check out the Facebook event page HERE.  It's going to be a dope line up and want you right there to check out some of the best talent Central Texas has to offer.

Then we got invited by the good folks at Proper Entertainment invited us to perform at The Coldest Zone Tour featuring reggae artist J. Boog and Los Rakas.  We'll be joined by our good friend DJ Charlie as we bring the Wyld Gentlemen to them live and direct.

Remember all you have to do to win is simply "LIKE" our fan page at and "SHARE" the link at the top of the feed with the video.  The lovely C-Hova will pick the names randomly and we'll contact you for more information.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Brothers!!
    I'm from Brazil! I watch the clip em Hip Hop and since then I could not stop listening...
    My English is not very good and in some sections of the music I do not understand the rhymes ... there is the possibility of publishing the lyrics of the song?
    The work is very good, I liked the simplicity and essence of the clip, the vibe is very good, I could see the truth!


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